Opportunity Announcement

Are you a high school teacher who is looking for a free first-class training to help equip you in your classroom to teach your students cybersecurity? The Texas A&M Cybersecurity Fundamentals Camp is the place for you!

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, this camp has been moved online, but they are still packed with hands-on activities and information you can use in your classroom to

  1. Increase interest in cybersecurity careers and diversity in the cybersecurity workforce of the Nation;
  2. Help all students understand correct and safe on-line behavior; and
  3. Demonstrate teaching methods for delivering cybersecurity content


For more information and/or apply to this camp opportunity, visit the camp web page.

COVID-19 Response

As we close out one academic year and prepare for the next, we want to thank all of our partners. Thanks for your ongoing efforts of flexibility, innovation and tenacity in controlling and limiting the spread of COVID-19, while now also working toward safety in reopening our institutions, businesses and communities. We thank you for your continued partnership with us and for working tirelessly in collaborative endeavors in building the Texas workforce.

Please direct your questions/concerns to npi-info@tamu.edu.

We know that this is a stressful, uncertain time for everyone, but we are working collaboratively to find the most productive outcomes for all.

Stay healthy!